Iran signs customs agreement with Nigeria, three West African states

Abdolreza Gholamali, an official affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration said that in order to facilitate economic ties with West African countries, Iran has signed customs cooperation and mutual administrative assistance agreements with Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea Conakry and Mali.

The African countries showed interest in boost of relations with Iran, the official added.

The new customs agreements will facilitate trade between Iran and these four West African countries and decrease bureaucratic procedures for trade exchange.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif returned to Tehran on Friday morning after a six-day tour of West Africa, which took him to Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, and Mali.

While in West Africa, Zarif met and conferred with president, parliament speaker and foreign minister as well as senior officials of the countries.

He was accompanied by a top-ranking economic delegation in meetings with entrepreneurs as well as government officials of his host countries.