Cashless payment: Firm unveils nairabox app

A software development company, Jorg Technologies, has unveiled nairabox, an innovative mobile digital wallet app.

Cashless payment
Cashless payment

The firm described the app as a convenient payment system which enhances fast, convenient and secure transaction.

The Chief Executive Officer, Jorg Technologies, Mr. Damilola Jegede, said, “Nairabox is pretty safe. We know in the modern day and age, everyone worries about security. Security is at the heart of nairabox, it is at the beginning and end of the product. nairabox is encrypted from end to end.”

On how secure the app is, Jegede said, “We made sure we mitigated every form of security threat by encrypting all transactions from end to end; from when you do it on the mobile app itself to the transportation to the server. It’s all encrypted to ensure that its tamper-proof.”