Africa’s Digital Transformation: NACCIMA Lauds Google’s Proposed $1Billion Dollars Investment Fund Over The Next 5 Years

Ayoola Olukanmi NACCIMA
Ayoola Olukanmi DG, NACCIMA

The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce Industry Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) welcomes the recent announcement by Google CEO Sundai Pichai of the committment of Google to invest $1billion dollars in African countries including Nigeria for Digital transformation of countries on the continent over the next 5 years. NACCIMA is of the firm view that this decision by Google to support African countries through a range of initiatives such as improved connectivity, support for Start ups, virtual learning and expansion of opportunities through Technology are the right steps in the right direction. We are of the firm view that if properly implemented, the goals of the Google Investment Fund can truly supplement National efforts expand digital access for Africans, support African tech Entrepreneurs and support non profit organisations working to improve lives. It is worthy of note that this new initiative by Google is a follow up on its recent activities in past few years to equip Africans with digital skills. And young Africans Tech Entrepreneurs make and Female have proved the capacities to perform using technology and expanding digital ecosystem in Africa to promote use of Technology in the area of Fintech and other sectors of the economy including, Agriculture, Entertainment and Services and other sectors. Perhaps most important we note that projects and programmes under Google’s $5 Billion Investment Fund will be carried out in close collaboration with relevant national stakeholders including Businesses and the private sector. Notably NACCIMA led by its National President John Udeagbala has identified expansion of Technology in the conduct of Businesses and has decided to establish Geo tech Centre across the country to ensure wide applications of Technology. NACCIMA and its network of Chambers across Nigeria is certainly placed in a good position to work in partnerships with Google in its commitment to ensure digital Transformation in Nigeria. This is because of the potentials to open opportunities for young tech Entrepreneurs, provide employment through start ups and also improve lives of the people through education and access to health Services.