Tracka, BudgIT’s Service Delivery Promotion Arm Set To Launh Tracking Report On Constituency Projects Across 32 States

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BudgIT, a civic tech organization raising the standards of transparency, citizens engagement and accountability in government, will launch its project tracking report on February 15, 2022 at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua centre in FCT, Abuja.

The report titled, “Creating Awareness, Tracking Public Projects, Catalysing Community Impact In Trying Times” reviews the work done by Tracka – BudgIT’s community engagement and service delivery promotion arm – and documents the findings from government projects tracked across 32 states in Nigeria between January 2020 and June 2021. The report details the findings of 3,265 government projects tracked across 32 states. Of these projects, 1308 have been completed, 427 are ongoing, 643 have not started, 133 have been abandoned, while 774 have unspecified locations.

Key findings in the report reveal salient issues with project execution in Nigeria such as agencies’ inability to execute projects, obscurity of budgetary provisions, use of substandard materials, cash payments of grants, poor maintenance of projects, and lack of an effective monitoring and evaluation body.

At the launch, we will have Mr Kole Shettima, Director of MacArthur Foundation, as the keynote speaker, and curate discussions on how zonal intervention projects can be used as a tool for equitable development and citizen empowerment. The event will also feature a panel discussion titled: Zonal Intervention Projects: An impactful Venture or Glorified Palliative? with former Senator Shehu Sani, Honourable Ben Igbapka, Mr Ahmed Salijo Ahmed the Managing Director of Rural Electrification Agency, and Ayo Obe as panelists.

BudgIT will open a few slots for the citizens, media and CSOs to be a part of this crucial conversation.