Olagunju, Ubechu Families Unite In Wedlock

The couple, Chinonso and IbukunOluwa flanked by Dr. Mrs. Isioma Olagunju (L) and Prof. Gbadebo Olagunju (R)
The couple, Chinonso and IbukunOluwa flanked by Dr. Mrs. Isioma Olagunju (L) and Prof. Gbadebo Olagunju (R)

It was colourful and businesslike; a celebration of cultures as the families of Professor Gbadebo Olagunju; an erudite academician and distinguished professor of Law at the Lagos State University, LASU, and Dr. Mrs Isioma Olagunju also of the Lagos State University, LASU gave their daughter, IbukunOluwa , Ijeoma’s hand in marriage to Chinonso, Samuel from the family of Mr. Chidi and Mrs. Kate Ubechu.
The ceremony which was well attended was graced by dignitaries from different walks of life.
The event which was a celebration of cultures was well organized in a calm atmosphere will without doubt will go down the annals of history as an acknowledgement of Nigera’s unity in diversity and it is unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry.

For the couple,. it was indeed a joyous mement as they adorned their gorgeous attires and danced graciously to the music provided by the band.
Father of the bride, Prof. Olagunju who was very elated at the turn of events expressed joy at the union of the couple, while restating his indifference to the tribe or language the daughter is married so long as it one Nigeria
According to him, “the truth about it is the me I am a true and proper Nigerian. I don’t know anything about cross-marriage or tribe, I just believe that what God has ordained should just be”
He admonished the couple to live as one in unity and in agreement with God’s purpose for them.
He said “they should love together in peace and with glory of God. Let God be the one to guide them in all everything they do”

Similarly, Some of the guests at the occassion in admonishing the couple charged them to live in love.
Former Vice Chancellor of the Lagos State University, Prof Olanrewaju Fagbohun, charged the couple to hold on to God and to ensure they keep up the legacies and goodwill of their parents.
He further advised the couple to endeavour to live within their means.