Hydro plants boost Nigeria’s power generation to 3,686.3mw

Nigeria has managed to attain electricity generation and supply of 3,686.3MW after several months of blackout occasioned by cuts in gas supply to power plants largely as a result of high water levels at the nation’s dams, which enabled the three hydro power plants namely, Jebba (360mw), Shiroro (600mw) and Kainji (440mw) to operate at optimal capacity, The Guardian reports.

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Data from the current daily operational report of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) for yesterday, showed that Kainji Hydro with 440mw installed capacity is currently generating 305mw, Jebba with installed capacity of 360mw is working at full capacity while Shiroro with installed capacity of 600mw is generating about 560mw.

Other power plants, which have also contributed significantly to the rise in electricity, include Egbin Steam, with installed capacity of 880mw, which is contributing 407mw. Sapele is also generating at full capacity. This, is notwithstanding the country’s unutilised power generation due to gas constraints which stood at 4,517mw, as at yesterday.