AdVoice Audio Advertising Channel to Tap into $100bn Market

AdVoice is on the eve of launching Nigeria’s most effective audio advertising channel.

AdVoice provides brands innovative ways to target audiences in real-time by leveraging untapped mobile channels in a similar fashion to digital advertising.

At the same time, it offers Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) inclusion into a $100 billion mobile ad industry. Revenues from the rapidly growing Mobile Advertising industry seem exclusively reserved for over-the-top-content (OTT) Publishers, leaving Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) the role of that of a carrier only.

A statement from AdVoice explained that it offers MNOs inclusion into a $100 billion mobile ad industry by becoming member of world’s first and largest MNO Ad Network.

“AdVoice’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) is positioned as a complementary and alternative offering to OTT advertising. In doing so, MNOs could be monetising data, assets, channels and inventories that are truly theirs.

“One such channel is the unutilised ring back tone. By serving Audio Ads to calling parties, MNOs tap into a global market that generates a potential 12 billion ad impressions daily. This is three times the number of internet searches.

“By replacing the ring back tone with highly targeted advertising messages, AdVoice unlocks 10-15 seconds of consumers’ undivided attention from a pool of over 140 million active mobile phone users in Nigeria. Subscribers will be rewarded for exposing callers to relevant ads and offers,” it statement added.

The Chief Executive officer, Advoice, Mr. Dennis Oudejans said serving ads over the ring back tone has a wider reach than any other medium.

According to him, the advertiser’s benefits include measurability, zero wastage, advanced targeting, captive audiences and lead generating capabilities as callers can express product interest by pressing a key.

Furthermore, the Country Manager of AdVoice Nigeria, Mr. Opeoluwa Filani said: “We strongly believe in this first step of our roadmap that eventually includes the monetisation of all mobile operator channels as a means of generating new revenues, rewarding subscribers and offering highly targeted new digital advertising solutions to brands.  Ad sales have started and the launch in Nigeria is set for September 8th 2016.”