Aisha’s outburst breached norms, values of a decent  wife –Women’s group

Wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha
Wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha
The Adamawa League of Women Empowerment has said that Aisha Buhari’s recent BBC  Hausa Service interview “breached the norms and values of a decent housewife of a serving president.”
They also described it as “ill-timed and counter-productive,” saying it was critical of President Muhammadu Buhari’s approach to governance.
At a press briefing in Yola on Thursday, the women through their spokesperson, Ms. Maryam Ibrahim, said that Aisha, who is a Fulani woman from Yola, did not exhibit the character expected of a Fulani woman who should respect the traditional “Pula’aku.”

Pula’aku is a traditional value of Fulani. Based on Islam and on the prudence of the FulBe people, Pula’aku is taught by the parents to the children and by the clan leaders.

Expressed by a polite and introverted behaviour, Pula’aku is characterised by patience, self-control, discipline, modesty, respect, wisdom and forethought.

The women said Aisha’s statement had created a negative impression of her status as the wife of the President and exposed both her husband and the entire family to mockery and disrespect before Nigerians and the world at large.
They added that her action was capable of encouraging Buhari’s enemies to “assault’ him.
The statement read in part: “It is also necessary to point out that Aisha Buhari’s media outburst has breached the norms and values of a decent house wife of a serving president.
“In fact, she has set a bad precedent, as no president’s wife in Nigeria has ever exposed her husband to this state of shame and ridicule.
“However, we would like to use this forum to reiterate our total support for and cooperation with President Muhammadu Buhari in his effort to restore the lost glory of Nigeria as the giant of Africa.”
The statement continued: “It is against this backdrop, that we collectively faulted Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s BBC interview because it is ill-timed, counter-productive and was done in bad taste.
“Consequently, Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s action negates the spirit of Pula’aku, modesty and decorum which are virtues of Fulani.”