I swear, Buhari is not corrupt,’ APC leader says

Tinubu gave the assurance at the headquarters of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Abuja, in his bid to pacify the labour union to suspend its ongoing indefinite strike over the hike in fuel price.

I swear, Buhari is not corrupt,' APC leader says
I swear, Buhari is not corrupt,’ APC leader says

The APC leader begged the aggrieved workers to return to the negotiation table with the government, adding that for the first time in a long while, labour should trust the current administration with Nigeria’s resources.

“I can swear that Buhari will not touch a penny for personal gain.He has that character and integrity to steer Nigeria,”  Tinubu said.

The former Lagos State governor admitted that the Federal Government’s decision to increase the price of petrol was not properly communicated to labour unions.

He said: “I cannot say, I’m a part of the decision that created the situation. I can only say I noticed the communication gap. And I cannot say you are enemies of this government.

“‎Today, we came here to appeal to you. Go back to history, we worked real hard to bring Nigeria on progressive path. For me a progressive government is all about the welfare of the people.

“Mr president, the former president of NLC, and senators are here to make it clear that you are not an enemy of a government that is progressive.

“This is by the way, we must introduce history… the political history of the country is not being taught in schools anymore.

“Buhari is straightforward. We didn’t say we won’t have problems with him, but he has integrity.

“They brought in SURE-P, but the only thing about SURE-P is corruption.‎ It was sure stealing, sure diversion….

“Buhari will listen to us‎; we will work together to make this change possible.

“Let us look at a new mechanism of doing things.

“Let us work together for a government that we know is honest. My mission here is for peace, for us to return to the negotiating table.

“Let us build Nigeria, let us make it the centre piece of Africa.

“Let us call off this strike. I c‎ome to beg on behalf of my party.”