Java, app training will create job opportunities – Mukherjee

The Deputy Vice President, Aptech Training Institute, Kallol Mukherjee, speaks to OZIOMA UBABUKOH on how Nigeria’s Information Technology industry can grow through investments in education, among other issues

 Kallol Mukherjee
Kallol Mukherjee

What is Mission IT scholarship all about?

Mission IT scholarship is an initiative taken by Aptech to encourage deserving students to take up a career in Information Technology. The objective is to empower the students with excellent knowledge of IT to make them skilled and job-ready individuals.

In what way will Mission IT benefit Nigerian students?

Mission IT will encourage students to take up a career in IT and help them secure the best of opportunities in the IT field. Financial assistance is always a bonus for students who deserve it but are unable to finance their education.

How can students in Nigeria avail your scholarship?

The students can walk into any Aptech centre, register for a scholarship exam and score well to get up to 50 per cent scholarship.

What are the courses available at your Nigerian centres?

Students can take up Career Starter, Career Professional and Career Builder programmes. Courses under Career Starter are designed for younger students who are in college or have graduated recently. These include modules such as Microsoft Office, Advanced MS Excel, C-Programming, HTML 5 and Designing websites in Dreamweaver Cs5. Career Professional courses are for those who are already a part of the industry, but want to add to their current professional knowledge and be a step ahead in their career. The courses include Java fundamentals, Aptech Certified System Administrator, MS SQL Server, App Development on Android, and lots more. If the youths are equipped with knowledge on these courses, it will surely create jobs for them. In addition, we have Career Builder courses, which include Aptech Certified Computer Professional, a programme that not only gives you comprehensive understanding but also makes you job-ready.

What are the benefits of the courses?  How can students apply to study at the Middlesex University at the completion of the programme?

Aptech’s courses are designed by a certified faculty and provide in-depth understanding of concepts right from the basics to the complex topics. Having 30 years of expertise in the training business, Aptech has carved a niche for itself in the IT business. Aptech’s courses are updated as per the latest trends and technologies, which are crucial for the student to secure next-generation jobs.

On completion of the Aptech Certified Computer Professional  programme, the student is admitted to the final year of our BSc in Information Technology programme, through the unique credit transfer facility. This gives the student a chance to study at any of the campuses of Middlesex University in London, Dubai, Mauritius or Malta.

What are the job opportunities available for Aptech students?

There are various job opportunities available for students after pursuing the courses. Some of the job profiles are programmers, web developers, system analysts, database analysts, architects and administrators, project managers, technical writers and document specialists, software architects, solution builders and consultants. There are so many more opportunities open for students pursuing a career in IT.

What is institute’s contribution to the country’s IT industry?

Aptech has been present in Nigeria since 2001. Over the past 15 years, Aptech has helped produce remarkable talents in Nigeria. Having trained numerous students, Aptech has been instrumental in furthering the progress in the IT space in Nigeria. With trained talent, come skilled professionals who shape the future of the IT industry.

What value is Aptech bringing to IT education in the country?

The institute is developing many IT professionals in Nigeria through the learning programmes that offer opportunities for better job placements. We have 30 years of experience in the global IT training business, with 14 operational centres in Nigeria. Also, we are global company with global standards. At Aptech, we try to give quality IT education in terms of updated and certified faculty. This helps create job-ready individuals who can be easily absorbed in the market thus fueling the nation’s growth.